Sunday, November 4, 2012


November is upon us, and we are expecting a cold front this winter. When you think about it, South Korea has a very cold winter. Let's look at how Eat Your Kimchi, a Canadian married couple staying in Korea, try to stay warm.

I thought Martina was quirky in how she explained the different methods of staying warm. At the end, she says another way to stay warm after all of the other clothes, was a Spudgy. Spudgy is their pet that has been with them since May 2008. That's impressive to me for being there for at least 4 years and still rocking their English. I definitely want one of those animal capes... To my dismay I have not been able to find it.

I can find full pajamas, but I think that would be inappropriate in a normal city setting.

More other ways that are not mentioned, are floor heaters and your food. Martina explained that floor heaters don't have the same benefits on them since they are Canadian and they love to cuddle.

The foods are almost never mentioned, but I wanted to give a shout out to all the stews and soups that we have tasted and found delicious that keeps us warm inside.


  1. I think the lady in the video just wanted an excuse to model all those clothes.

    But don't wear the animal capes near active rotary fans!

    1. Of course not! And you might be right, but at the same time, why wouldn't she? That Spudgy I wouldn't be able to get, but I can replace it with my ferret, Woody.