Sunday, November 11, 2012

Catching up

It's so nice to catch up with old friends, especially ones that live far away. Gregory (mentioned in the last post) was one and I spent another weekend catching up with more friends.

They wished to not be pictured, but the food they chose were good enough.

As per usual, I had my 순두부찌개, but it was extra special this time since the egg they put in was raw. My best friend also ordered the same soup, which was a first for her since a few months because she always ordered the 돌솥 비빔밥. My long time friends came from Georgia and California. They didn't receive their food when this picture was taken but one ordered the 갈비탕 and the other ordered the 해물파전. 

I wish to share with my Tampa Natives this restaurant, it's a literal hole in the wall place. This restaurant is family owned, hence it's name One Family. As for the food, here's what the 갈비탕 looks like:

Fortunately, there is someone who was able to create this from scratch. Her name is Susan and her blog is COOKING WITH SUSAN. I included all searches of Korean food just for you.

The 해물파전 is not usually an entree, but rather an appetizer. My friend did not know what it was, and according to the menu, it could be served as dinner. It's basically a Korean Pancake, made with seafood, green onions and various ingredients depending on how the chef usually makes it. 

This is an actual pancake that was photographed from the same restaurant, I found this picture on How convenient it is to share pictures online with complete strangers to tell them of how the food looks. 

Let me know if you are willing to meet with me to have some Korean noms, I'm more than willing to share with you my Korean secrets.... 

Here's one: I have none. 



  1. 해물파전 sounds a lot like Spanish paella, especially with the seafood element though 해물파전 seems to be a smaller dish.

    갈비탕 at least looks like the soup-stock beef and noodle dishes I see in other Asian restaurants, though I don't see noodles in this particular photo of it. What was the faint yellowish ingredient in the center?

    1. Those are eggs, they already cooked them to put them in the broth. They do not provide noodles with this soup, but rather Rice cakes. They're sliced in diagonal form from a tube which is rolled from rice. I'm not sure of the process but it takes some effort.

  2. The 갈비탕 looks really fresh. I can't get enough of Eastern style light broth soups. If they have a Lemon Grass base they can be fun to eat because their flavor profile changes as it cools.

    The 해물파전 seems like a great little pizza, but not. If that's an appetizer, and it looks that good, I sure would like to see some more of the menu.

    Hole in the wall places are my favorite. I have a penchant for family places and intriguing foods. Thanks for the pics.

    1. You're welcome, I'm glad you enjoyed my post. One Family is hard to find, but once you find the grocery store, it's right under neath it. Happy Holidays!