Sunday, November 25, 2012

Kimbap Memories

김밥, it's a wonderful light meal and you can make it ANY way you want. How awesome is that?!

It's very similar to a Japanese sushi, but without the raw fish and seafood. Well, you can still add seafood. The blogs I've mentioned before, K.A.M., KC, and Beyond Kimchee, all have different recipes for each Kimbap they made.

Which version would you prefer?

Korean Cuisine comes with Galbi:

Here's the link to the recipe found at Korean Cuisine.

K.A.M. (Korean American Mommy) doesn't come with meat, which is a plus for vegetarians, but it's more suitable for breakfast.

Last, but not least, Beyond Kimchee shares her Kimbap recipe and memory. Her memory is that of a classmate in middle school who was seen as a "geeky" girl, but became the most popular girl in school the next day after participating in a local talent show. 

I really enjoyed reading this post because I'm a fan of Michael Jackson's music, and that's what her favorite memory of Kimbap was. 

If you ever made something, like a homemade dish, and there was a favorite memory associated with that dish, what was it?

I remember having my last Thanksgiving meal with an old family friend before he passed away. I had made my mother's Pink Stuff for the first time. (SECRET RECIPE) It's a nice memory to have of him that's lasting.


  1. ...I remember the Michael Jackson video game. I'll leave it at that.

  2. I guess for me it would depend on the food. I have a ton of dishes, foods, treats, deserts,and so on that remind me of special times. I guess it is maybe because I am a Foodie first of all, I love to cook, and I can't get enough of good food cooked with good people.

    Chocolate chip cookies always remind me of my mother, the warmer the cookie the younger I am in the memory.

    Baked Beans remind me of my dad, not the sweet kind, but the thick- been cooking for 24 hours-lots of vinegar and ketchup, and onions and a little brown sugar.

    Hamburgers remind me of the place called The Halton Hilton. Absolutely the best place to have burgers, even though the place could never pass a health inspection. Google the place, I recommend it.

    Campfires remind me of smores. Smores remind me of my cousins and I camping out when we were little kids.

    Dutch Apple Pie makes me think of my girlfriend. Every time she makes a pie, she hates it and I eat the whole thing myself. I'm inferring she is killing me slowly but I will die happily.

  3. This Kimbap looks amazing and I will have to make it someday. There are a couple of dishes I have made that bring back some memories. Popcorn around the fire with some of my best friends ten years ago. An awesome tuna caserole my mother used to make, yummy. And finally, the blackberries I used to pick on my grandmother's farm when she would make the jam out of them. I would stand by her and lick those mixing spoons, lol, good old days...