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    This past week, I got to attend my Hangul club, but sadly, I didn't get the email that it started earlier and the location changed in time. I made it for the last 30 minutes where they went over the basic sayings of hello, goodbye, thank you's and sorry's. Luckily, they used the same website I provided in the last post. If you missed it, here it is again.

   As for greeting another person, I've come to the understanding that you should not over-smile, and bow respectfully. The lower you bow, the more respect you show to the other person. Don't bow all the way down to 90 degrees. Unless you're really apologetic. Eye contact is a big deal in South Korea. Here are more things to look at about their culture.

    The teacher was very informative on how to pronounce the alphabet correctly, and she is fully Korean, so that helps. It's easier and right to learn a language that is from someone whose first language is that particular language. When I learned American Sign Language at a community college, my teacher could not hear at all. It was faster to pick up on the signing than it is to have a speaking teacher "waving" her arms around. Granted reading this blog may not help you pronounce it correctly, but this does give you an option to learn it from here, or go out and bask in the sun with another Korean fellow. 

    My teacher used real-life examples, such as, if someone bought you a birthday present, and you know the person really well, what would you say? The student would respond, "고마워" (koh mah woh). If it was someone you didn't know, "감사합니다" (kahm sah hahm nee da). If you did something wrong and you feel really bad, you would say "죄송합니다" (chee sohng hahm nee da). A more informal way would be "미안합니다" (mee ahn hahm nee dah).

   The Hangul Club gave me homework where I combine all the consonants with all the vowels, minus the double consonants and compound vowels. Here is a sample chart:

    I got this from a similar blog, King Korean, which the writer is an attendee of St. John's University. I read through the blog, and it doesn't really go slow enough that you can understand from reading the blog only. It did say it was based on an e-book, so maybe it was for a class. Every detail matters, so it was good she/he put on the fact it was based on the E-book written by their professor.

   I'll be posting another one shortly, and you will get a FUN TIME BLOG! I hope you like K-pop!

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